Question 1: Where is Cham Spa & Massage ?


Cham Spa & Massage (abbreviated as cham) is located at Metro supermarket roundabout between Le Thanh Nghi Street – 2/9 and Revolution of August, in which the signboard of Cham Spa & Massage is posted through Hoa Xuan bridge on left turn, under Hoa Xuan Ecology Urban in Han riverside, besides available parking for cars and vehicles is convenient for visitors.

If you come to Da Nang by means of transport and seek a truly relaxing for you, your family, friends, partners, couple (couple), use of spa services including extra care or massage or bath with medicinal herbs from the People Dao Do of Vietnam that are esoteric and genuine in Han riverside in the ancient cultural space and only available in the Cham Spa & Massage of Da nang

Please use the map or tell the taxi driver to take you to the Cham Spa & Massage (say to him/her that the Cham is near the Metro supermarket which different from any others in Da nang), you can use the hotel’s car and pay-per-clock cash for km. Come here, you go straight to front desk for check-in to ask to use the service packages. We recommend you make booking through the website or call for reservations in advance through our call center number 0511.3626262 or 0987773777, claiming the name and arrival time and demand to use what type of services to be more attentive service or to avoid out of room

Some taxi drivers can convince you to another place, but if we believed in us then resolutely come here, to avoid places where they can get less commission or to unwanted destinations. In case you do not know english, just say “Cham Spa & massage” and “No English” is to avoid having to explain with taxi drivers in trouble.

Question 2: What time is it opened ?


10:00 a.m to 10:00 pm

This means that if you arrive after 10:00 pm you will not be probably served because all staff left after working hours. In case of late arrival within 5 minutes, you can call in advance to inform the staff wait and certainly notice the arrival time.

Question 3: Have you served couples of the married/unmarried?


Well, we have the double VIP rooms, for couples of unmarried, couples of the married served by a female massage therapist, where you are used the service types such as soaking in wooden bathtub of Vietnam HINOKI side by side and shared steam and massage that performed on two beds next to each other. Lots of couples from many countries have come here to enjoy our excellent services.

Question 4: Have you got male massage therapist ?


We have no male massage therapist, only female staff are well trained, but the locker staff or staff who supports steam bath may be male. In case of presence of couples, then the staff who supports steam bath is female, but you can ask the male staff to support steam bath depending on requests from your partners. Usually only male locker staff serves male customer.

Question 5: Have you policy to pay a commission to taxi drivers ?


We have not paid.

Question 6: What is the best time to have full staff of Cham ?


We usually serve many guests on weekends and evenings after 5 pm, so you should arrive before that time and advance bookings will have a full service staff to avoid waiting.

Question 7:  Your premise is in accordance with tourism standard and your staff are well-trained, checked health regularly or not ?


We operate under Vietnamese law with complete papers and business conditions prescribed, regularly checked by the relevant authorities, we are the premise No.1 of massage – spa and beauty care in Vietnam, granted “qualified establishment for serving tourist” by Da nang tourism Department after several rounds of rigorous survey, we have achieved many important awards: Top 10 of Vietnam’s prestige brands for public health, the award “Top brands – TOP brands 2015” by the Institute of Economic research, the Center for Consumer Research of Vietnam, Global GTA (UK) in collaboration for approval and giving award under the strict supervision of the quality of the InterConformity (Germany), brand of health care and famous beauty in 2015 awarded by the Center for Environmental – Medicine Consulting Applications Research, Journal of Environment and Health, Dang Quang Communications Co., Ltd., and Vietnam television. Also the most important is the choice of customers who have been here, they always come back because of the quality of our great service

Our staff are regularly checked periodic health, which is required for the business line with conditions prescribed laws of Vietnam

Question 8: How is your price of services ?


We have a variety of prices, for each service in each different types of customers, mainly divided into 3 main aspects as following: 1 – Massage: Body and Foot includes Sauna & Steam bath, 2 – Spa & Beauty, 3- Treatment of hi-tech Beauty, in which mostly Massage services with different packages. Please contact the operator No. 0511.3626262 or 0987773777 for more details

Answer 9: Do I need pay anything extra other than service charges?


In addition to service charges used one free meal of daily notice in Cham, if you want to eat out of the free menu, then pay. Also tip is not mandatory, but our staff will be very happy if you show them your gratitude depending on your choice.

Question 10: Can you describe your services offered?


Please do not send e-mail asking us to explain what services we provide and describe them. Make sure you can figure out what we offer on the website, google or call us via hotline.

It is essential that the Cham Spa & Massage is a “athletic” premise, in which you can have moments of “Healthy Living – Beautiful Living – Quality Living” with a full range of services. We “Say No” to the phenomenon of prostitution or “massage of exhaustion”. Come to Cham meant come to Health.

Question 11: Can I get discounts or promotions ?


We have a promotion policy for each type of services, depending on the customer group, the number of different buyers in different periods, for the detail, pls contact our hotline. Please do not compare prices at other establishments for each service and your choice that is different depending on how you feel after using the service here. Do not send us e-mail to request of discount or free transportation from the airport or from your hotel to the Cham. We do not give advice about other places that are not us, so please do not send us such email and regard as we do not answer.

Question 12: How effective is your bath medication?


Bath medication from the People Dao Do – a northern mountainous ethnic of Vietnam, in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range containing many valuable medications, they’ve got the esoteric remedy against fatigue after working in the jungle from many generations at high efficiency, the details can be explored about medicine on Google, we have approval on operating exclusively from Ta Phin households according to research topics of experimental science no. 18, Decree 119/1999/NĐ – CP (state-level project) is done by the good Prof. and Phy. D of Medicine and Pharmacy University of Hanoi from Ta Phin Hamlet of Sapa in Lao Cai of Vietnam, directly cooked in coal boiler system wood in Da Nang (unlike a few other establishments taking medication from the infused bottle for ineffectivity) and after soaking in the wooden tub of Vietnam HINOKI, the fatigue vanished right away.

Question 13: How is your massage distinguished compared to others massage facilities ?


Especially our continuous massage is performed in a manner of Traditional medicine for sufficient stages of Soaking and bathing – Sauna – Massage – compressing wormwood, etc …well trained by professors, highly specialized physicians and good reputation of the School / Institute of traditional Vietnam, any new therapists shall pass skilled examinations and make extremely strict tests both in theory and practice, our staff is happy to work for us due to crowded guests and improved professional skills regularly.

We have a quality monitoring system in accordance with the European standards, recently we have achieved Top Brand Award 2015 by the Institute of Economic Research, the Center for Consumer Research Vietnam, Global GTA (UK) in collaboration for approval and giving award, under the strict quality monitoring of quality monitoring group InterConformity (Germany).

Question 14: What is your facility outstanding compared to others facilities in Da Nang ?


We have the perfect facilities, a beautiful river view, next to a swimming pool in the romantic scenery of ancient Champa culture 1,800 years ago. Cham offers a full of services to choose unlike other establishments only offer a few services. Cham offers all kinds of services: from bathing with medicinal herbs, steaming with medicine, sauna with hot stone, sauna with Himalayan salt stone, Jacuzzi, foot massage, body massage, beauty treatments and aesthetic. After using the service you can dine with friends, family with nutritious food for health and relax in the restaurant area by the pool or purchase a few items in our showroom as a gift for friend. This is true tourist destination for residents and tourists to Da Nang, worthy of the selection criteria of the evaluation group by Danang Tourism Department, “As the spa facility in Danang is full of tourism standards “is tied with copper signboard at our facility.

Question 15: Where can we buy your tickets ?


You can make a reservation via the Hotline then come to Cham to use the services and pay tickets, in addition we have received bookings through the website, hotline, some e-commerce websites such as,, and fanpage, etc…