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120-minute body massage

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Busy work and stress causes your body to return home in a state of fatigue , irritability . If you try to listen to the wishes of the skin , hear the lament , sorrow of the body , listen to the bone day and night operation , you will feel yourself growing old and withered . What to do? Let’s start by coming to Da Nang Cham Spa and massage services and use of tobacco Bath and Massage Red Dao physiotherapy to experience the transformation of the body offline.
Coming to Da Nang Cham Spa & Massage within the last 120 minutes of raw tobacco bathing Red Dao and Massage physiotherapy , you will be coddled , spoiled his body to confidently embrace the good in life. There are all healthy , relaxed spirit will give you more strength to care for loved ones in the family , do not forget this thing will you do?
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120 minutes
  • Step 1: Clean bath, soak in bathtub of medicinal herbs from the People Dao Do
  • Step 2: Sauna, steam, soak feet with ginger and salt water
  • Step 3: Body white bath with leaves such as lemongrass, basil, anise and grapefruit
  • Step 4: Uniterrupted massage of 90 minutes
  • Step 5: Cover with mask, compress wormwood and hot stone
  • Step 6: Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks
The therapy takes place 120 minutes.
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