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90-minute foot massage

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The fatigue from everyday life, the Soviet boyfriend always dogged attempts to disturb you . If this situation lasts will make you have the mentality of instability leading to depression , or if the stress , prolonged stress leads to psychological depression and premature aging you .

Foot Massage Spa & Massage in Cham with these methods of massage , acupressure is a simple way to quickly bring you life balance, relieve fatigue. Especially Foot massge spa Cham also help your blood circulation, strengthen blood gas , health promotion .

Foot Massage Spa & Massage in Cham will bring you feeling relaxed , reduce stress and increases circulation

90 minutes
  • Soak foot with medicinal salt and ginger
  • Cover with mask
  • Uninterrupted foot massage
  • Compress wormwood and hot stone
  • Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks
The therapy takes place 90 minutes
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