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Bath with medicinal herbs from Peope Dao Do

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From primitive days, the Vietnamese have known to use Vietnamese herbs to treatment and health care. The herbs have got steam, bath or pediluvium. For many years passed, the People Dao Do still retains the subtlety of the remedies handed down from ancestors.

Mountain hamlets and villages of the People Dao Do are often located in halfway of the mountain cliff. Life is tied to the jungle, so the People Dao Do is very good at remedies. Prescriptions have been maintained and handed down from generation to generation for women in the family. Bath with herbs water in all seasons becomes a prime essential for the fellow-countryman.


Ta Phin hamlet of the People Dao Do

The Remedy of bathing and soaking with medicinal herbs from the people Dao Do is a combination of good herbs for the skin such as Honeysuckle, star fruit leaves, cumin, robusta leaves, camphor, Huang bo and the good herbs for osteoarthritis such as Justicia gendarussa. Homalomena, piper lolot and the good herbs for the digestive tract: Cardamom, lemongrass, anise, cinnamon, acorus. Use this remedy regularly, you will find valuable the use of it.

Medicinal water is poured into a barrel timber, added enough cold water to soak. Fresh medicinal herbs or after being dried, chopped and put into a large pot and then continuously boiled by fire wood within 30-45 minutes until the water turns the color of blood and its thickness like wine to be satisfactory. Quality of bathtub is very important which must be made of Vietnam HINOKI wood, this is the type of wood with a distinct aroma of essential oils, fine wood grain, very reliable. The bathroom is small and closed while medical herbs is steamed and mingled with the aroma of wood forming a seductive scent.


How the People Dao Do cooks medicinal herbs

When the water is hot enough up to you, then step into, soak in the tub and take a breath of the warm water vapor pervading, more and more you listen to your body “relaxing” a refreshing way . Numbness appears for the first few minutes because of the water temperature. Next, the medicinal herbs smells out your nose, eyes and mouth making you rather upset due to strange smell for a few moments. But immediately, all the senses fall into a state of floating and smoothness. Sweat appears on your forehead. Red skin is alike boiled shrimp. The muscles are alike a rope to be loosened. At that time you will hear your body spotless, as someone scrubbed, ruddy skin, lambent, fresh minds and suddenly a light.


Medicinal water contained in wooden tube of Vietnam HINOKI

Use of medicinal herbs bath from the People Dao Do

Due to the nature of terrain, the People Dao give birth on their own efforts and as self-employed midwives, therefore, medicinal water is used for disinfectious bathing as the inevitable. Postpartum women are bathed with herbs water regularly that will help blood circulation and restore their health very quickly. Thus for only a short time, lying-in women of the People Dao can work in burnt-over land, and even the infant sling along. Men who have colds, stress, fatigue can use bath water which will eliminate fatigue, increase energy and the detoxification in the body.

To the elderly, herbs water is used for rheumatism, bone pain, numbness of hand and foot, sweating hand treatment and foot odor. Children who periodically showered with the herbs water removing pimples and skin diseases for kids skin to be smooth and ruddy.

Bath remedy of the People Dao Do is not merely a health care method of ethnic, but also a constituent element of the cultural identity of the People Dao.


The People Dao dries the medicinal herbs

Remedy method of the People Dao Do is formerly a hereditary secret. But today, some remedies such as bathing with medicinal herbs to be known by many business units and introduced as a specific product to residents and visitors, Cham Spa & Massage is prestigious and the biggest destination in Da Nang, that is one of the leading units in the central of Viet nam offering rare remedy of medicinal herbs by the People Dao Do to everyone and especially to the residents of Da Nang. With hope that women after childbirth have good health as the People Dao Do, Cham Spa & Massage hereby introduces the remedy of traditional bath medicine at Sapa highlands to you in use.

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Part 1:

Bathing and soaking with medicinal herbs from the People Dao Do (bath medicine brought directly from Sapa in combination with technology of completely natural steam by charcoal)

Hot and cold shower for exfoliating, cleansing the body

Soaking with medicinal herbs in the precious wooden tub of Vietnam HINOKI. Effects: blood circulation, body detoxification, aches relief, rheumatism prevention, high blood pressure and skin moisturizer.

Steam, soak feet with fresh ginger and salt water. Effects: flu relief, detoxification and weight loss. Sauna Body white shower with medicinal herbs.

Part 2:

Continuous therapeutic massage (massage technique based on the method of traditional medicine served by the technical team trained intensively)

Take the uninterrupted massage. If customers get the common diseases such as headache, backache, neck and shoulder pain, flu, etc ... then spend 20 minutes to perform all remedies. Radiate infrared rays to the pain Compress wormwood, hot stone and cover with hot towel. Effects: blood circulation, ache relief and sound sleep


The service pack also comes with:

A light meal: 1 bowl of porridge for flu relief, 1 plate of fruit and nutritional drinks Use of swimming pool, Jacuzzi pool and hot water heating Time for service
Treatment process takes place within 90 minutes
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