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Body detox

Duration: 1.3 hours  |   Treatment steps: 8  |   Contact us Book now!

Cleanse, nourish, protect – that is the basic principle of three extremely important to keep the skin looks youthful, healthy skin radiant light. For healthy skin, you need to fully implement the basic steps of skin care such as cleansing, exfoliation, steam, massage, mask, moisturizing and protecting the skin … However many women I usually do not complete these steps if only home care. Understanding the needs and preoccupations of women, spa & massage Cham has researched and successfully applied skin care treatments from root to tip, to help you confidently with youthful appearance, heights wave.

Experience skin care services from root to tip of the spa & massage Cham is exploring the cultural essence of humanity. And this is the moment to help you find yourself, turn every moment life becomes meaningful, more poetic. After each course of implementation, make sure you will feel a sense of comfort, pleasure, a new fresh look, radiant and found ourselves to be loved more.

With skin care treatments from root to tip at the spa & massage Cham guaranteed return balance to the skin, help skin naturally beautiful, healthy breakfast. (Depending on the location of each person)

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Wash your hair annealing

Step 3: Steam toxic waste

Step 4: Bathing Milk

Step 5: Body Scrub

Step 6: Apply compost oats, milk body

Step 7: Massage the face, mask

Step 8: Skin Care

Step 9: Snacks

The therapy takes place 90 minutes.
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