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Burning moles, bumps, warts, tattoos

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Women who want to own a perfect beauty do not want any defect on their body. Therefore, with skin problems such as moles, freckles, bumps … the girls are always looking for dangerous and ineffective methods as ointment, chemical, electrocautery, using herbal … now, thanks to the support of modern technology, the absolute safety at the Cham spa & massage will dispel any fears over.

Packages of burning moles, bumps, warts, tattoos at Cham spa & massage  apply new technologies with CO2 Laser Fractiona. This is the latest generation of current technology, ensuring efficient, safe and fast.

You can learn about Co2 Fractional Laser Technology Here

Advantages of  Burning moles, bumps, warts, tattoos with Co2 Fractional Laser Technology

  • Fractional CO2 laser can effectively be demonstrated by acne treatment, perfect skin regeneration, non-invasive, not causing skin damage, no side effects and not leaving a scar after treatment.
  • With just a single treatment acne on the skin is removed, you quickly get smooth, toned and healthy skin as soon as the end of treatment. This is the acne treatments that conquers the trust of thousands of customers at home and abroad, including the most demanding customers. (Results Depending on each person)
 ServicePrice without warranty Price including warranty
Burning mole (price including warranty)50.000/mole150.000/mole
Burning mole (price without warranty)50.000/mole150.000/mole
Burning pterygium 2 eyes (price without warranty) 500.000800.000
Eyebrow tattoo removal (Package)2.500.000
Body tattoo removal
<10 cm90.000/cm
> 10 cm1.000.000/cm
Keratosis on legs, ankles
<1 cm200.000
<2 cm300.000
<3 cm400.000


How long to treat Keloid with C02 Fractional Laser technology?

C02 Fractional Laser Technology for treatment of keloids is a savior to help customers regain flawless skin in the fastest time. It is best to apply. Depending on keloid skin of each person you can apply different biological laser light shots. With fewer scars and new convex shape it may just need 2 to 3 times as you get pleased skin. For the perennial keloid scars, the number of shots also increases.

Who are suitable for the treatment of pterygium with co2 Fractional Laser technology?

Co2 Fractional Laser technology is suitable for everyone with keloid skin, including those with the most sensitive skin.

How to care Skin after pterygium treatment?

  • Limit direct exposure to the sun: in the period from 09 hours to 16 hours (depending on the season and the degree of heat). Remember to apply sunscreen in 30 minutes before going outside. Also wear a hat, wear a mask to protect the skin.
  • Scientific diet: Should add more green vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water to give your skin the  beneficial vitamins to the skin. Refrain from eating spicy foods or stimulants such as: wine, beer, cigarettes, coffee …
  • Avoid abuse of cosmetics: Do not use products of unknown origin, causing skin abrasion. Check carefully the products include stamps, labels, shelf life, production units …
  • Relax: Limit stress, prolonged stress. If you have time and money you should go to Spa for your face Massage regularly to help your facial muscles maximum possibly relaxed.

Step 1: Check skin for guests to determine the status of the pigment

Step 2: Makeup remover and cleanser

Step 3: Mild antiseptic skin

Step 4: Co2 Fractional Laser

Step 5: Apply the product characteristics of stem cells

The therapy takes place 30-50 minutes.
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