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Change skin biologically

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Skin is the body parts which are frequently exposed and influenced directly from the outside environmental impact and inside the body. Sun, dust, air pollution are the leading external factors harming the skin. The harmful compounds accumulate on the surface causing “choke” skin. In addition, changes in hormone in the body causing skin changes go down and form acne, melasma, dermatitis. When signs of skin damage, the lack of care or incorrect care methods will leave serious consequences, even irremediable damage like concave scars, acne scars, rough skin lumpy, aging early, large pores, …. Therefore, effective methods to quickly and safely recommended are to replace skin by Nano biotechnology.

Biological skin change by Nano technology is the process of removing dead cells on the rough skin surface. Usually after 21 days skin finishes a new layer of skin on the surface. This dead skin if not removed would still stay on the skin surface, long gradual accumulation of multiple layers of dead skin becomes very thick skin part, impede the process of skin respiration, reduce the absorption of nursing substance in the cream. That is also the reason that many people even use more expensive creams is not shown to be effective.

When dead skin layers are thin, it can make removal by exfoliation ingredients which are easy to find, but when the skin becomes too thick and adhesive on the skin, replacing the skin with nano biotechnology is first choice. Based on the principle of natural excretion of  dead skin this technology is considered very safe and highly effective.


How to care for skin after changing the skin biologically?

  • After changing biological skin you should follow these steps:
  • Limit skin exposure to sunlight as little as possible. If you go out you need a sunscreen dress.
  • When showering do not strongly rub the skin, do not use cotton bath. Use hands gently massage to help circulation of blood under the skin, helps skin elasticity to absorb nutrients faster and better. Use natural extract safe and soothing lotion of cham spa.
  • Maintain to apply the cream of cham spa in 1 to 2 consecutive months for the skin to absorb and re-create a new layer of naturally white pink skin.

Does biological skin changing once last forever?

Changing skin biologically at Cham Spa is just one treament which can sustain long white skin if you follow the instructions of Cham Spa. whitening up from 60-80%. Just once of skin biology and daily skin care, protects the skin when exposed to sunlight, it can maintain long-term white skin.

Skin biological processes are done within 2 days. Right from 2nd day customers have seen the effect of brightening skin up 20-30%.

Note: Results can depend on each person.

Does biological skin have an impact on health, is it safe?

  • Safe biological skin, does not affect health.
  • This is a natural whitening method using ingredients from natural herbs, quite gentle, non-irritating, non burning, natural collagen serum used to replace the skin.
  • The whole process of biological skin at cham spa takes about 2-3 hours depending on skin type. With specialized autoclave technology, you can save 60% of the time to change skin, thus also more cost savings.
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