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Face massage and skin care

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After the long working hours, it is so great to pamper your body in peaceful space filling with fragrant essence oil and cool with professional massage therapy. Leaving aside heavy pressure of work, worries, treat yourself to the moments of really relaxing to recapture the spirit and vitality to the body. Cham Spa & Massage – is a trusted destination of beauty care that you will be extremely pleased to use the service.

Effects of facial massage:

Facial massage helps stimulate blood circulation: As performing a facial massage the muscles under the skin provided enough blood, stimulating the blood circulation under the skin.

Increase of elastic muscular: Facial skin is regularly massaged will increase the elasticity of the muscles, your skin will have anti-aging effects.

Penetration into the skin: The movements of facial massage helps reduce dark circles, restore and brighten the skin, your skin looks so smooth, bright and white.

Removal of dead cells, toxins such as lactic acid, acid uric: The massage movements is to promote the secretion of the facial skin, remove dead skin cells and cure for chronic insomnia.

Increase of the amount of endorphins, relaxed and firm muscular: Improve health, facial muscular become toned with the skin anti-aging effects for youthful face.

Strength of immunity and health recovery: After surgery or after tattoo, facial massage is required to remove numbness.

Just spend a little cost and time but your spririt will refresh and skin gets healthy and smooth !!!!!!!!!


  1. Basic skin care
  2. Support treat oily skin, acne, blackheads
  3. Support the overall acne treatment
  4. Support for acne treatment and skin regeneration
  5. Bright white
  6. Support anti aging treatment
  7. Support specially making skin younger and glowing
  8. Making Skin younger with pure fresh oxygen DNA facial revival
  9. Diamond Dermabrasion
  10. skin restoration therapy
  11. super hydrate therapy
  12. Complementary collagen therapy


ServicesMinutePrice for 1 times (VND)
Basic skin care (relaxing, cleaning, brightening)  75 600.000
Support treat oily skin, acne, blackheads (oily T-zone, acne oil congestion skin, blackheads)75600.000
Support the overall acne treatment (acne, pustules, oily skin, large pores, congested)901.000.000
Support for acne treatment and skin regeneration (congestion acne, large pores, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture skin)901.000.000
Support pigmentation treatment, environment skin aging (aging due to environmental, sun pigmentation, brown spots, uneven color skin, lumpy structure, fine lines, wrinkles)901.000.000
Bright white (pigmentation, aging, deep wrinkles, weak fatigue skin, pale color skin, lifeless)901.000.000
Support anti aging treatment (Aging, wrinkles, sagging skin)901.000.000
Support specially making skin younger and glowing (hormonal aging skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dry thin skin)901.000.000
Skin care acne treatment, pigmentation, making skin younger with Murad productsMinutePrice for 1 times (VND)
Whitening quickly with biological light technology (Changing skin tone, making a difference at first time, radiant bright white)901.000.000
Making Skin younger with pure fresh oxygen DNA facial revival (for dry dehydrated skin)901.000.000
Restore skin after laser, needle roller, bleached, stripped (sensitive skin, weakness, red, slim increase resistance for healthy skin)901.000.000
Purifying facial excretion of lead contamination, chemicals (discolor skin, pigmentation, melasma, freckles, acne, dry rough skin, the toxin, killing bacteria)901.000.000
Diamond Dermabrasion (lumpy skin, dry, thick, dark acne, rough skin, wrinkles fat, stimulate blood circulation)901.000.000
skin restoration therapy with collagen MinutePrice for 1 times (VND)
skin restoration therapy (reddish skin, sensitive, dry, tension, too strong impact, weak skin after laser) 90 1.000.000
super hydrate therapy (genetic aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, dehydrated, weak sensitive skin)901.000.000
Complementary collagen therapy (aging skin, lack of firmness, sagging, large pores, aging, making skin smooth after 2h)901.000.000
Purify standard skin with fresh collagen (for all basic skin types)901.000.000



Depending on each person


Depending on each person


Depending on each person


Depending on each person

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