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Foot care with Paraffin mask

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Legs are responsible for helping the body take steps, therefore the skin texture of feet is also thicker than other skin areas. When moving, the feet skin has to rub with shoes so feet skin is more ad more thicker. Typically, women often take care of the facade such as the face, hands, neck, but do forget their feet. So the feet skin is parched. Foot skin care with paraffin is solution of skin care bringing excellent efficiency.

Paraffin wax which makes smooth to dry skin, chapped skin, rough and scaly skin, relieving muscle and joint pain, promoting blood circulation, improving the skin’s aging legs a blur veined effectively. Hot Paraffin moistens dry skin, increases blood circulation and refreshes the tissue from the inside to out. Moderate heat of melted wax maybe effectively treat rheumatism and sweaty feet.

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90 minutes
  • Step 1: Soak foot with medicine ( 20 minutes)
  • Step 2: Scrub body (10 minutes)
  • Step 3: Refresh heel (10 minutes)
  • Step 4: Massage and cover with Paraffin (60 minutes)
The therapy takes place 90 minutes
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