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Foot Massage

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Foot massage 60 min

Foot massage 90 min


Step1: Soak foot with medicinal salt and ginger

Step2: Cover with mask

Step3: Uniterrupted foot massage

Step4: Compress wormwood and hot stone

Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks

In everyday life, few people pay attention to feet, just as experience of cold feet, painful or frostbitten, etc … they begin to feel worry and take care of their feet. The old saying tells that “To dry tree, root get damaged soon, to the old, legs become weak soon” therefore today’s special scientific interest in caring the feet, especially the foot massage, soaked feet for treatment, etc ….

So, which effects feet have on our health, let’s study the issue.

Anatomy of the foot

Foot includes instep, soles of the feet, ankles, heels and toes.

– Foot structured including bones, muscles, blood vessels and nervous system.

– Feet owned 62 reflex centers with nerve endings and acupuncture points related to the entire human body.

– Foot concentrates nerve endings under type of “fast response”.

The principle of foot operation

With each heartbeat, blood is sent, carrying nutrients throughout the body. As for the feet, which is the furthest from heart under top-down repressed. Inside the veins,  partition valve to prevent backflow of blood, leg muscles push blood pressure to heart. Blood is easily pushed to the foot but it is difficult for blood of veins flow back to the heart. When the legs are steadily moving like a pump working to pump blood to the heart. Therefore, experts often say that “leg is the second heart of body”.

Influence from work to pathology of feet

– Salespersons, stewardess, etc… who work in standing or sitting posture all day, finding legs numbness and difficult movement.

– People who work in the office, sitting in one place for a long time causes the blood accumulated in leg and swelling, etc….

– People who work hard, as porter, etc … put weight on the foot for a long time can also cause leg pain and leg numbness, etc…

– People who are athletes, tour guides, forest agents, etc … shall move regularly and susceptible to the diseases of heel pain and ankle arthritis, etc ….

– Besides wearing all kinds of shoes, slippers, etc … makes feet cramped and difficult for blood circulation in the feet.

Measures for foot care

– When sitting for long periods, you should stretch legs to make them more supple and useful for the operational leg.

– Stretch your calf and heel, you have to stand in the same direction with a wall providing that the edge of the horizontal leg on one side and slightly bend at the knees. Go step by step and use arms to touch against the wall, hold the front legs bent and behind legs straighten. Feet touched against the floor together. As performing this, you will feel the muscles stretched in the heel and calf. Hold and slowly return to the original spot. Perform this exercise for 5 times with each leg.

– Squat within 10 minutes after a long day makes leg more circulated.

– Keep your toes straight and rotate.

– Raise your toes up, hold and bend within 5 seconds, repeat for 10 times which is very good for toe cramps or clamps.

– Rotate your feet as often as possible if you sit regularly.

– Change height of daily footwear. If you regularly use shoes, you should take shoes at height of about 2 cm.

Foot massage: Hands grasp the leg near the heel, just gently press your thumbs on the skin and move your hands up above the knee and then back down to the bottom of the heel (each foot is done for 30 times)

– Keep your feet warm

Pediluvium for cure

Long time ago, in the reign of the feudal lord we have seen that they used methods of Pediluvium to prevention and treatment of illness. Today, the development of medicine, the remedies have combined with pediluvium which widely used in population bringing good results for human health.

Features: Soak feet in warm water with the effects of promoting blood circulation, increasing blood circulation, smooth circulation and distribution, benign organs and stimulating the nerve endings.

Pros: Convenient, no side effects, effective, painless and safe.

Cure of Insomnia:

Use hot water to soak feet for 1 times every night before going to bed. Also need to ensure quiet and cool sleeping environment. When going to sleep, mentality should keep relaxed.

Cure of spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation:

Use hot water to soak feet for 1 times every night before going to bed. Do not see the sex movie and pornography books.

Cure of heel pain and ankle arthritis:

Use medicinal water including Thấu cốt thảo 30g, tầm cốt phong 30g, độc hoạt 15g, nhũ hương 10g, mộc dược 10g, huyết kiệt 10g, lão hạc thảo 30g, hoàng cảo 20g.  Soak feet as the water is still hot for 2 times every day.

Cure of thrombophlebitis to leg:

Use thủy điệt 30g, thổ nguyên 10g, đào nhân 10g, tô mộc 10g, hồng hoa 10g, huyết kiệt 10g, xuyên ngưu tất 15g, phụ tử 10g, quế chi 20g, địa long 30g, cam thảo 15g, nhũ hương 10g, mộc dược 10g.. Cook, collect medication water and then pour into the pot. Soak from the knee or lower. It is better to use as medicinal water is still hot.

Methods of implementation

– Use clean water such as tap water, mineral water, etc ….

– Temperature for soak feet from 38 degree celsius or more.

– Height of water for soak feet : about 20cm flooded.

– Time for soak feet: from 20 to 30 minutes

Note: When using medicinal water for soaking feet, you should select the appropriate medicine as directed by your doctor. No permitted medicine has strong excitability and corrosion.

Feet is far from the heart, so its temperature is usually lower than the temperature in the upper part of the body. In winter, proportion of children and adults get respiratory diseases is higher than one in the summer in spite of keeping neck warm whereas without keeping feet warm. This suggests that the immune system has close ties to each other. Therefore protecting feet is needed to bring the health of every person.


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160 minutes
  • Soak foot with medicinal salt and ginger
  • Cover with mask
  • Uniterrupted foot massage
  • Compress wormwood and hot stone
  • Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks
290 minutes
  • Soak foot with medicinal salt and ginger
  • Cover with mask
  • Uninterrupted foot massage
  • Compress wormwood and hot stone
  • Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks
The therapy takes place from 60-90 minutes
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