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Hand care with Paraffin mask

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In addition to the specialized beauty care services, Cham spa & massage also provides diverse solutions of body treatments and care for other parts of the body, including the hand care service.

As part is used to perform all the work in everyday life, hands shall regularly work and directly exposure to sunlight, dust and the chemicals potentially risk of harm to the skin. Accordingly, working so much will cause the arm and muscle fatigue, painful and skin rough and less soft.

Therefore, Paraffin is solution to help hands smoother

Paraffin contains a variety of essences which extracted from natural herbs, depending on each category such as essences of peach, rose, lavender, orange blossom, etc… the effects of fostering and protecting the skin, also help to reduce fatigue, joint pain, and especially help limb veins to be not blue. After covering with paraffin mask, massage with essential oils and moisturizers.

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75 minutes
  • Step 1: Scrub body (20 minutes)
  • Step 2: Massage and cover with Paraffin (55 minutes)
The therapy takes place for 75 minutes
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