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Pink Nipple

Duration: Updating hours  |   Treatment steps: 4  |   900.000 VNĐ Book now!

Making nipple pink with laser technology safely and efficiently, overcoming deep, bronzed breast gives women nipple cheerful, ruddy and natural beautiful along with a firmer and fuller breast.

You can learn about Co2 Fractional Laser   Here

Advantages of making nipple pink with Co2 Fractional Laser (Depending on each person)

  • Nipple will look neat, firmer
  • Return you the rosy breast, still fresh as the youth
  • Safe, effective, no side effects, no pain
  • Long-term results, not recurrent.
  • No scars, no encroachment on the surrounding skin.
  • You can leave after treatment, without resting.

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Step 2: Clean treatment area

Step 3: Co2 Fractional Laser

Step 4: Apply lotion after treatment

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