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Support hair removal

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For Asian women, “hairs” are hated as it diminishes the charm, lovelyness. In many women, hair follicles not only grow bushy, black and stiff in the limbs but also many in the unwanted position as the face. This not only affects the beauty but also makes you look masculine, causing a lack of confidence in living and communicating. Assistive waxing Technology at Cham Spa & Massage will help clean obnoxious hairs for whiter smooth skin as desired.

Cham Spa & Massage uses laser diode technology with the latest generation of the current laser for highly efficient treatment without causing any injuries, pain in the treated area. The difference is remarkable cleaning results which brings perfect skin proven in the United States: “High-tech Hair Removal technology the most effective, safest, fastest, maximum savings of time and costs.”

You can learn about DIODE LASER technology In Here

Hair removal high-tech after a radical course (6-10 times), almost no hair regrow (Depending on each per person). However, depending on each body after removal, hair still grows back but thinner, silk, faded hairs. Therefore, the warranty is always most concerned issues of this type of service.

Advantages of support hair removal by laser diode technology (Depending on each per person)

  • Smooth skin, tighten pores effectively
  • The shortest treatment, the maximum saving time
  • No burning, safety


ServicePrice for 1 Time (VND)Price for 5 times (VND)
armpit area600,0003,000,000
half arm700,0003,000,000
both arms900,0004,000,000
half leg900,0004,000,000
both legs1,500,0006,000,000
Lumbar – abdominal900,0004,000,000

Step 1: An examination and consultation

Step 2: Clean the skin to be waxed

Step 3: Trimming a part of hair

Step 4: apply cold gel into the skin to be waxed

Step 5: Light ray of Diode Laser to the skin to be waxed

Step 6: Apply lotion to the skin have just waxed

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