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Whitening bath spacecraft

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Any women wish to have a smooth white skin, but with the hot weather in Vietnam, having a desirable skin is not easy. Especially you wish your skin spotless perfect white, natural pink while whitening bath processes are absolutely safe and must not be harmful to the skin.

Congratulations you come the right place you need,   Cham Spa & massage   equipped with modern whitening bathroom technology, completely new and absolutely safe. Do not use substances harmful to the skin, use herbs for effective skin whitening care, not suntan, without causing a yellow coat.

White tempering bath with integrated infrared body with 100% natural herb in Cham spa & massage helps regenerate skin cell, improve the metabolism of the skin, increase the absorption of the product into the skin to whiten toned skin smoothly


Depending on each person

90 minute whitening bath
Step 1: Detoxify by herbal steam
Step 2: Scrub with salt, milk
Step 3: Cover whitening essence
Step 4: Lotion
(Price: 700,000 VND)
120 minute whitening bath
Step 1: Bath – Hair washing - Hair Steaming
Step 2: Detoxify by herbal steam
Step 3: Scrub with salt, milk
Step 4: Cover whitening essence
Step 5: Cover collagen
Step 6: Steam whitening in spacecraft, make thin
(Price: 1,000,000 VND)
Treatment process takes place within 90 - 120 minutes
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